7 Fall Camping Hacks

It’s almost here…sweater weather. 

We compiled these 7 Fall Camping Hacks to help you make the most of your time in the great outdoors! The temperatures may be dropping, but our love of camping isn’t.

Get outside and enjoy the season with these 7 Fall Camping Hacks!

1. Put clothes in your sleeping bag.

Put your next day’s clothes in the bottoms of your sleeping bag with you overnight to keep them warm with your body heat. Bundles of clothes can also make a decent pillow.

2. Cuddle with a water bottle.

A great fall camping hack is to put some boiling water in a durable water bottle (a popular quality brand is Nalgene) and place it at the bottom of your sleeping bag before you go to sleep to keep your feet warm. Be sure to give it a few minutes to cool or insulate it by wrapping it in a shirt or some other solid fabric to protect your skin.

3. Bring headlights.

With shorter days comes less daylight. Having a headlight or similar lamp allows you to still move around and get stuff done with access to both of your hands. Bring extra batteries!

4. Stay moving.

When it gets chillier during the day, keeping yourself moving is essential for keeping up your body temperature and keeping your blood flowing. Go for a hike, enjoy campground activities, and take a walk or do some jumping jacks before bed to warm your body before settling in for the night.

fall camping hacks

5. Always have extra socks.

It’s always good to have extra socks when camping, but especially in the colder months. Not only is it helpful to layer up for extra warmth, but socks can mistakenly get wet, especially if left out overnight and covered in cold morning condensation. Plan ahead!

6. Use hand sanitizer.

Yes, it’s great for personal hygiene. But hand sanitizer can also be an effective fire starter if you find yourself short on fuel this fall. Stay clean, and stay warm!

7. Get glow sticks.

Glow sticks are both functional and fun for the kids. Placing glow sticks in certain spots can make your campsite easier to navigate at night and help you easily find the places and things you need around your camp.

Have any other good fall camping hacks? 

Let us know in the comments.

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