Plan your camping vacation now!

virginiaThe great outdoors are waiting for you and your family! Experience the thrills, the fresh air, and everything that Louisa, VA has to offer.


Two pleasant beaches run along the perimeter of 25-acre Lake Ruth Ann, where you go dive into fishing, swimming, or boating. Our massive 16’ trampoline will propel you into orbit! With rental boats on-hand, a fishing pier, mini golf, a swimming pool, and playgrounds for the kids, there is literally something for everyone, regardless of age, to enjoy in the heart of Old Virginia.


For a unique camping endeavor, select from a variety of cozy rental locations near the Manor House. Built in 1823, the Manor House has an intriguing history dating back to the Civil War. Our Park Model Bunkhouses are fully equipped and waiting for you to fill them up with laughter and memories. Check out our cabins for a classic camping experience.


We also host special events throughout the year. Contact us now to learn how we can host your wedding, corporate event, reunion, or festival and make it a divine occasion. Our annual events add another layer of fun to your trip, like our barbecue competition or mini golf tournament.


We’re also minutes away from history locations like Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello, James Madison’s Montpelier, and Zachary Taylor’s Montebello. Uncover the history of a nation by visiting these landmarks, and then coming back to our camp grounds for a relaxing evening. Take a day trip to one of the natural wonders of Virginia, like the Natural Bridge and Natural Tunnel, or Walton’s Mountain.

Camp like a Champ this Summer

campgroundOn any camping trip, there is one constant; your campsite is your safe-haven where you go to get out from inclement weather, store your gear and rest your head after a long day of hiking. But to really enjoy your outdoor experience, you not only have to pack lighter, but pack smarter as well. Otherwise you’re treading water in the backwoods before you take your first step into the wilderness.

The first rule of thumb for effective camping is to know the difference between essential camping gear and the unneeded luxuries. Although comfort should always be a top priority, this doesn’t mean large space full of creature comforts. You are camping, after all.

Huge tents with excessive over packing can not only weigh you down, but essentially take away from the experience. Smaller tents also provide more flexibility for placement on a specific campsite than larger ones.

When you get to your selected campsite, survey the area. Keep your eyes open for trees with drop potential, because nothing ruins a trip more than being crushed by an oak tree. Telltale signs include fallen branches at the base, creaking sounds from above and patches on the trunk free of bark.

Additionally, when scoping out the canopy, a thick cover is advantageous over a thinner one to protect from rain showers and the hot sun. Also upon your initial survey of the landscape, ensure your neighbors are tolerable for the duration of your stay. Are they messy, noisy and inconsiderate? Maybe they’re even aggressive? Or are they peaceful, quiet and considerate?

Finally, when assessing your prospective site, also determine general wind direction in relation to your surroundings. Make sure you’re upwind from all potential offenses, including your neighbor’s campfire. Implementing these few simple steps will make sure you have a fun and enjoyable weekend in the woods.