Mosquito season is here.




Mosquito season is here – How to keep them away!


Mosquito season is here and there are several things YOU can do to help control these pesky and dangerous bugs while camping (or at home).

  1. If you have a boat, chances are it collects water…just where mosquitoes breed. Flip the boat and leave it in a position it will not collect water.
  2. If you have a bird bath or pet bowls on your lot, please dump them every time you leave and turn them upside down to prevent collection of water.
  3. If you have any other product or receptacle on your lot that might collect water, please get rid of it or turn it over.
  4. Burn Sage or Rosemary in your outdoor fires, those little buggers hate it and will stay away!
  5. If you are at home, plant fever few, citronella, catnip and lavender, they are four of the most effective plants for keeping away mosquitoes. Bring some with you when you camp!
    Fever few


It’s not just the bite but what mosquitoes carry that is the danger. Several varieties of Encephalitis are carried by mosquitoes. Older diseases have been Malaria, Dengue, Yellow Fever and a variety of encephalitis including West Nile (WN), Eastern Equine (EEE), Western Equine (WEE), Saint Louis (SLE), and LaCrosse (LAC) viruses. More recently in the news is the new Zika virus which causes micro-encephalitis in new-born babies. For pet lovers there is Dog Heart worm which infects all breeds of dogs and cats.

So be alert to standing water in flower pots, old tires, boats and bird baths. Dump them out. And if you see standing water in your yard or your campsite, take actions to drain it or fill it. We don’t want anyone catching any of these diseases.

Oh, yes, did we mention Chikangunya? Yet another virus carried by the mosquito species Asian Tiger Mosquito (Aedes albopictus) and the Yellow Fever Mosquito (Aedes aegypti). Genetically, it appears that viral strain currently spreading throughout the Americas is more easily transmitted by Ae. aegypti. Both species lay their eggs in containers such as cans, discarded tires and other items that hold water close to human habitation, but Ae. aegypti is more geographically confined to the southeastern United States. Traditional mosquito methods of truck-mounted and aerial sprays are ineffective in controlling these mosquitoes. Removal of water-bearing containers and sanitation are key preventive strategies. The name “Chikungunya” is attributed to the Kimakonde (a Mozambique dialect) word meaning “that which bends up”, which describes the primary symptom – excruciating joint pain. Although rarely fatal, the symptoms are debilitating and may persist for several weeks. There is no vaccine and primary treatment is limited to pain medication.


We hope you find this information useful!

Protecting your food while camping

Protecting your food while camping


One of the best parts of any camping trip is the fire cooked or grilled food, snacks, and cold drinks enjoyed with family and friends. Thanks to all of the hazards that could affect your food, and therefore your fun,  we have compiled a list of tips to help any and all campers keep their camping food safe from the outside elements, and safe to eat!


  1. Freeze water jugs or bottles to place in the bottom of your cooler. This way you have ice, water, and little to no mess.
  2. Make sure your cooler is air tight so smells don’t get out, alerting bugs and animals to your goodies.
  3. Keep meats, fruits, and vegetables in their own separate containers to avoid cross contamination.
  4. Keep nonperishables in their own separate air tight container so smells don’t get out, alerting bugs and animals to your goodies.picnic-coolers-1571315-1599x1429
  5. Bring 2 thermometers, one for the internal temp of your cooler (41 degrees Fahrenheit is the optimal temp to keep perishables fresh) and one for meat if your cooking chicken or pork.
  6. Cook only what you know you and your group will eat. This way you have less food out at one time, and less waste.
  7. Speaking of waste, make sure to dispose of all of your waste in a designated area away from your camping site.
  8. If you are in an area where large animals are a threat, keep your food away from your sleeping area during the night, like up in a tree or locked in a vehicle.

We hope you find these tips helpful during your camping adventures! If you have any other tips that have worked well for you, share them with us on Facebook and we will feature them!

Mini Golf


It doesn’t get much better than a weekend or vacation camping and golfing. Whether you are coming out to the campground to relax, or take advantage of multiple amenities, we suggest taking a moment to practice your mini golf skills. Play a game for fun with the family, or take on some serious practice time and build your skills.

The best new mini-golf course in Virginia is right here at Small Country Campground.  Built just two years ago, our mini golf course has hosted many great family games, annual charity tournaments benefiting fantastic charities, even senators have putted here. We are excited to provide all of our campers the opportunity to get out on the course during their stay with us.


Even if you are not camping, you can still join in on the fun with a day pass. Our day pass provides entry to all of our fantastic amenities, including our mini golf course, the sparkling blue pool, Lake Ruth Ann and all of the giant water toys, and of course the playgrounds for the kiddos. Don’t forget to stop by the Sugar Shack for a snack!

This 18-hole championship course is also 100% ADA accessible. It is important to us that everyone who wants to golf has the opportunity to do so. There is an accessible route to the entrance and exit of the miniature golf course, and all 18 holes are accessible as well.

This year’s mini golf charity tournament takes place over the first weekend in June. To date we have raised over $20,000! We hope to see many guests and visitors on the golf course again this year. Entry is only $10.00 and the money raised is split between the wining team and charity.

Come out and take a swing, there is plenty of fun for the entire family at Central Virginia’s Funnest Campground!

Camping or Glamping?



Camping can seem intimidating or maybe just too involved for those who really want to relax on their vacations. In reality, you have the best of both worlds when you camp at a place like Small Country Campground.

Tent camping under the stars, next to a beautiful lake, is what comes to mind when most people think of an enjoyable camping trip. With multiple tent sites, some providing water and electricity, Small country Campground can meet the needs of anyone who is interested in simply popping a tent and enjoying the outdoors for their camping vacation.

For those who are not interested in unzipping their front door, we also offer cabin camping, which provides a door, roof, and beds! There are no bathrooms in these units, but we have full bathroom facilities on site.

Still looking for more luxurious accommodations? Go all out glamping in one of our Park Model Bunk Houses. These units include bedrooms, kitchens, living area, and decks to provide the ultimate comfort and livability during your stay at Small Country Campground. We also have a convenience store on site, so you never have to travel away to pick up items you may run out of.

The benefits don’t stop there. Those interested in upscale camping in an RV have the option of trying one out at our campground. Our Park Model RV’s provide a separate bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, and dining area.  They also have a large deck with table and chairs, picnic table, fire pit and outdoor grill. Get a feel for RV camping before you decide to make one into your choice lodging.

Those who own their RV’s already can take advantage of our multiple RV hook up sites.  Small Country Campground offers both full and partial hook up sites, and we have 3 dump stations for disposal from sites without hook ups.

The gem of Small Country Campground is the Manor house. Rent this for the ultimate camping or glamping experience. The 1800’s log cabin was built in 1823 and used as a field hospital during the Battle of Trevilian Station during the Civil War. Added onto in 1893 and then again in 1996, this old house is enchanting with its old antique furniture and furnishings, but also modern with soaring glass windows overlooking Lake Ruth Ann from the kitchen, dining room, and upstairs balcony.


No matter how you want to spend your camping vacation, Small Country Campground offers the right accommodations to suit your needs.

What is the best time to book a camping trip?

Answer – Anytime, at Small Country Campground.

Camping is a great vacation for people of all ages. At the right campground you can rough it while tent camping, or enjoy a more modern stay in a park model cabin or RV. You can also camp any time of year!

Small Country Campground is located in Loiusa County, Virginia, which boasts the best of all four seasons, and a rich history. Offering more lodging options than most campgrounds, we are able to accommodate camping at any comfort level. We also take reservations all year! We enjoy camping any and every day, but we want to share some of the overall best times to camp with us throughout the year.

While still considered off season for camping, here at Small Country Campground, we kick off our events in March with a St. Patricks’ Day celebration. We offer a traditional St. Patricks’ Day dinner for our guests during the holiday. We also host a Swap Meet over the final weekend in March.

As our guest in April you can enjoy our Easter event and the first weekend long NASCAR party of the year.

May 2016 marks our 40th anniversary, and of course we are celebrating with a weekend full of events, including a pig roast. We close out May with our Memorial Day Weekend celebration, offering games for campers of all ages, fire truck rides, hayrides, face painting, horseshoe and corn hole tournaments, and more live entertainment. Visitors during the 2016 Memorial Day celebration will be the first to visit the new Small Country Sugar Shack, offering specialty hot dogs, ice cream and great coffees.

Camp with us in June to take a part in or Mini Golf Charity Tournament, Water Wars, and the Pig Pickin’ & Potlickin’ BBQ Fundraiser for Senator Bryce Reeves.

Kick off July at our Independence Day Celebration, followed by Float the Lake Weekend, Drive in Movie Night, Island Weekend, and finally Christmas in July.

August is home to even more of our favorites including our Summer Concert, Mardi Gras Parade, and of course our tiki party themed Ice Cream Social.

As summer comes to a close in September, campers will enjoy our Labor Day Extravaganza, NASCAR Party, Fish Fry and Block Party, Backyard Games Tournament. The biggest show stopper is the last weekend in September when we host our Que & Cruz BBQ competition, Antique Firetruck Show, and Fall Festival.

October does not disappoint as the leaves turn the campground into a colorful escape. We welcome campers to join us for Oktober fest, and Halloween.

From November through February, campers can enjoy our rental units while experiencing the crisp and chilly fall, or the scenic woods and snowfall in the winter.

No matter what time of year you decide to book your camping getaway, it is always a good time to camp at Central Virginia’s Funnest Campground.

Plan your camping vacation now!

virginiaThe great outdoors are waiting for you and your family! Experience the thrills, the fresh air, and everything that Louisa, VA has to offer.


Two pleasant beaches run along the perimeter of 25-acre Lake Ruth Ann, where you go dive into fishing, swimming, or boating. Our massive 16’ trampoline will propel you into orbit! With rental boats on-hand, a fishing pier, mini golf, a swimming pool, and playgrounds for the kids, there is literally something for everyone, regardless of age, to enjoy in the heart of Old Virginia.


For a unique camping endeavor, select from a variety of cozy rental locations near the Manor House. Built in 1823, the Manor House has an intriguing history dating back to the Civil War. Our Park Model Bunkhouses are fully equipped and waiting for you to fill them up with laughter and memories. Check out our cabins for a classic camping experience.


We also host special events throughout the year. Contact us now to learn how we can host your wedding, corporate event, reunion, or festival and make it a divine occasion. Our annual events add another layer of fun to your trip, like our barbecue competition or mini golf tournament.


We’re also minutes away from history locations like Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello, James Madison’s Montpelier, and Zachary Taylor’s Montebello. Uncover the history of a nation by visiting these landmarks, and then coming back to our camp grounds for a relaxing evening. Take a day trip to one of the natural wonders of Virginia, like the Natural Bridge and Natural Tunnel, or Walton’s Mountain.

Camp like a Champ this Summer

campgroundOn any camping trip, there is one constant; your campsite is your safe-haven where you go to get out from inclement weather, store your gear and rest your head after a long day of hiking. But to really enjoy your outdoor experience, you not only have to pack lighter, but pack smarter as well. Otherwise you’re treading water in the backwoods before you take your first step into the wilderness.

The first rule of thumb for effective camping is to know the difference between essential camping gear and the unneeded luxuries. Although comfort should always be a top priority, this doesn’t mean large space full of creature comforts. You are camping, after all.

Huge tents with excessive over packing can not only weigh you down, but essentially take away from the experience. Smaller tents also provide more flexibility for placement on a specific campsite than larger ones.

When you get to your selected campsite, survey the area. Keep your eyes open for trees with drop potential, because nothing ruins a trip more than being crushed by an oak tree. Telltale signs include fallen branches at the base, creaking sounds from above and patches on the trunk free of bark.

Additionally, when scoping out the canopy, a thick cover is advantageous over a thinner one to protect from rain showers and the hot sun. Also upon your initial survey of the landscape, ensure your neighbors are tolerable for the duration of your stay. Are they messy, noisy and inconsiderate? Maybe they’re even aggressive? Or are they peaceful, quiet and considerate?

Finally, when assessing your prospective site, also determine general wind direction in relation to your surroundings. Make sure you’re upwind from all potential offenses, including your neighbor’s campfire. Implementing these few simple steps will make sure you have a fun and enjoyable weekend in the woods.

Picking the Right Tent Step 1 for Camping

tentObviously your tenting needs change with what kind of camping you intend on doing. If you plan to backpack and hike, a lighter and smaller tent is most recommended, while if hauling isn’t an issue, you may want a larger, roomier tent. Also comfort and protection from the elements is an imperative issue when considering a tent.

If you are camping in the desert or during cold season, you would want a cold weather tent. But if you and the family are just taking a trip up to the lake for Memorial Day, a three season tent is perfect. Three season tents with a removable raincoat are even recommended for use as much as possible. They often have net tops to keep the bugs out while letting you enjoy the dark country sky.

Size doesn’t necessarily translate to portability anymore. With today’s camping technology, a collapsible 8 man tent can be compressed to a size more portable than a 1-man bivy tent. But these tend to be a bit more expensive. This begs the question of how much you are willing to spend. Obviously there is more benefit to more expensive tents, such as capability to lead an exposition with lighter equipment.

In addition to these crucial components, you also want to consider the size of your tent. This obviously greatly depends on the number of campers in your party, but also in the kind of camping you’re planning to do. If you plan to bring a lot of supplies that you want protected from the elements, you may want a larger tent, regardless of the number of sleepers.

The Psychology of Family Camping Trips

campingEveryone loves camping with their family… well unless you’re a teenager. Just taking a quick trip to the country on any given weekend to enjoy a little of what nature has to offer can do wonders for the mind and can really be an excellent time. But there are plenty of reasons to enjoy camping with your family well beyond just having a great time.

We have all heard the expression “quality time.” But what does that expression really mean? We all know it’s important to share with those important to you, because it perpetuates and encourages healthy relationships. You have the opportunity to learn more about each other on different levels and in different respects. And as much as you already may know each other- or think you know each other- you grow to understand each other as people even more.

Sustaining quality time is incredibly important for keeping a family healthy and happy. The cohesion reinforced with increased quality time and the subsequent emotional bonding. With this emotional bonding comes adaptability, allowing a family unit to better roll with the punches, so to speak. And when your family can better adapt to change (a big move, change in financial status, death in the family, etc) they are less likely to abandon the concepts of togetherness and ‘doing it together.’

Camping is almost beyond the ideal situation to encourage quality time. Camping encourages situations for problem solving, such as starting a fire or camping. And solving problems with others cannot be accomplished without communication. This is especially important if you have kids in your family. Why? Because children with better communication skills tend make for better students and successful adults.

There are plenty of advantages to camping with your children and all the quality time you get to share. Statistics also show children who spend more time with their family are less likely to abuse drugs or alcohol. Aside from all these benefits to family and life quality, the great outdoors are simply second to none!