Punxsutawney Phil decided that Winter would be ending early and we are totally okay with that! We are super excited for another amazing Spring/Summer season with you and your family. We have curated some of our most useful tips to help you get your family ready for the festivities that lie ahead. 

Tip #1 

•Check your calendar and pick out dates early. This will help your family and friends coordinate. It will also give you more time to prepare for your camping trips.  

Tip #2 

•Plan your meals ahead of time! This might seem like a hassle at first, but it helps so much throughout the trip and saves a lot of time. 

Tip #3 

•Pack back up clothes for you and the kids. You never know exactly what the weather will do or what the kids will get into so it’s best to be prepared. Also, pack a trash bag for dirty clothes! 

Tip #4 

•Bring games! The best thing you can do is have things to entertain your kids, especially at night! We love memories of playing cards around a camp fire with our families.  

Tip #5 

•Individual soap flakes! Take a bar of soap and a vegetable peeler to make your own soap flakes. These make shower time so much easier and you do not have to deal with a bunch of wet bars of soap after because these are single use.  

What are your favorite camping tips? We’d love to hear them. Also, come back next month to see our 2019 events calendar!