Camping Meals that are Ready in a Flash!

Camping is all about enjoying the great outdoors and all of the hiking, swimming, and other activities it offers. Those activities, however, are sure to work up an appetite. When most people think of campfire meals they generally think of hotdogs on a stick and s’mores, but there is so much more that you can whip up while enjoying the great outdoors. When cooking by the campfire the easier the better. Here are some camping cooking recipes that are sure to be crowd pleasers for everyone in the tent!

  • Hobo Dinners

    • Hobo dinners are straight from the summer camp cookbook. The beauty with these in that you can really put whatever you want in them. The gist is that you put all of the desired ingredients cook everything in tin foil. Add ground beef, shredded cheese, onions, corn or whatever else you prefer. Add taco seasoning to give it a Mexican kick or add green onions and soy sauce for an Asian flair. Tin foil is your best friend out in the woods!


  • Fireside Pancakes

    • For a no fuss easy breakfast, try mixing your pancake batter before you get to the campsite. Clean out a used squeeze type bottle (ketchup bottle works great) and fill it will pancake mix for easy dispensing. All you need is a frying pan, a spatula, and some oil for the pan.


  • Easy Low Country Boil

    • A low country boil is the perfect prep meal that can feed a crowd. Throw in some shrimp,sausage, corn, red baby potatoes, and onions into a pot full of boiling waterand just add some OldeBay Seasoning. It all cooks in one pot and can feed a crowd.


  • Crescent Rolls on a Stick

    • Did you know that you could make your favorite side dish without an oven? Take the dough and wrap it around a clean stick or skewer. Hold it over the fire and watch the dough change right before your eyes.


  • Banana Boats

    • Make an easy desert by wrapping a banana in tin foil and roasting it over thefire. Add whatever toppings you want, chocolate chips, nuts, marshmallows. Slice open the banana and stuff it withyour favorite toppings and then roast it until it is melty and delicious!


  • S’mores with a Twist

    • Make your favorite campfire desert a different way by making s’mores dip. Grease a cast iron skillet and layer chocolate and marshmallows in the pan and place it over the fire until melty and bubbly. Once it is ready just take graham crackers and scoop it like a dip!