Packing for camping: Fit more into every space!


Help your camping experience go smoothly and bring the right things with you.
Being prepared is key to a successful camping trip. And we all know that less is more in the great outdoors.  Whether you have an RV or are committed to tent camping, the less stuff to haul makes every trip more enjoyable.


 Here are some helpful tips on how to pack all you will need in the most efficient way possible.


    • Waterproof your Matches


  •  Wet and/or broken matches are of no good to anyone on a camping trip. Storing matches in a plastic box keeps them from getting crushed. You can also waterproof your matches by dipping the head of them in melted candle wax. They are still able to strike against the box but are protected from moisture.


  • Rolling it Out!

    • When packing up your clothes for a camping trip getting everything as compact as possible is key. Instead of folding your clothes, try rolling them to save space.


  • Powder Drink Mixes

    • Instead of lugging around different bottles of your favorite drink bring powdered mixes to add into water. Most campsites have access to water, so just bring a reusable bottle and make whatever drink you desire! If you don’t have a water source you would still only need to bring jugs of water to sip on!
  • DYI Lantern

    • Put that jug of water to another use by strapping a head lamp to it. This creates an instant light source that is sure to illuminate your tent.


  • DYI Ice Packs

    • Freeze gallon size jugs full of water and store in the cooler to serve as ice packs. They will stay cool for a while in the freezer and then can be used for drinking water when melted (Moral of the story save your gallon size jugs and reuse them!)


  • Premade Food Mixes

    • To made fireside meals easier, prepare food mixes such as eggs and pancake mix in advance. Instead of lugging all of the ingredients to the site or trying to protect a delicate carton of eggs, premake pancake mix and beaten eggs and store it in recycled water bottles for easy storage, pour, and clean up!

  • DYI Firestarter

    • Make your own Firestarter by stuffing toilet paper rolls with left over dryer lint. This upcycle DYI is sure to get your campfire going!


  • Keep it Spicy

    • Camping in the wilderness shouldn’t mean bland food. Bring along all of the spices you need by storing them in plastic straws. Clamp and melt one end of the straw with a lighter and fill with the desired spice and repeat at the other end. This keeps the spices contained neatly and more compact to carry around.
  • Dorito Hack

    • If you are in a pinch and need a fire starter, Nacho Cheese Doritos work well as a way to get your campfire going. Plus they double as a snack!
  • Single Use Soap

    • If you don’t want to use the same bar of soap for the entire trip but also don’t want to lug around hand/ body soap make some single use soap peels. Take a bar of soap and a potato peeler and shave off little soap curls. Store them in a Ziploc bag and use them for handwashing, or for bathing.

Here are some more camping hacks that will make your time more enjoyable!


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