If you are going camping during the summer, it is important to always consider that the weather can be extremely hot at times. Staying cool when camping in the summer is not just a matter of comfort. Doing so can help avoid developing heat stroke, dehydration and other potentially deadly complications.

We’ve collected a super cool-you-down checklist for your next hot summer camping day!


Water Based Activities

Small Country offers gorgeous Lake Ruth Ann, our giant lake toys, two sand beaches, boats for rent, as well as a pool for your water based activities on hot summer days, sure to cool you down. Even take a cold shower!

Find Shade

A classic way to try to beat the heat is to get out of the sun and find shade. At Small Country, where we are surrounded by many mature and gorgeous trees, your shady hideout should not be hard to find!

Keep Hydrated

Perspiration draws water out of your body, which must be replaced frequently. Don’t forget to frequently hydrate – water, sports drinks, electrolytes all will help replenish your body. Avoid alcohol and caffeine.  No, I’m not the fun police.  However, cold water will do a much better job at cooling you in a heat wave.

A Cooling Head Towel

Soak a towel or bandana in ice water and wrap it around your neck or head. This will also work if you dip your hat or cap in ice water. For a towel with some advanced cooling technology – check out the Enduracool towel – according to Mission, the Enduracool towels cools to 30 degrees below your average body temperature. The claim is that their technology causes the water molecules to circulate in a way that causes them to be cooler and evaporate slower, not to mention the camo bandana makes you look like a total badass.

A Misting System

A misting system can help keep cool you trough evaporative cooling on hot days in camp or on the go. A misting system is as simple as bringing a spray bottle along with you on your outdoor adventures and spraying cold water on your face when you need relief.

Repurpose Your Ice Packs

Ice packs are commonly used to either keep your drinks or lunch cold, but they are actual dual-use products that you can put on your body to cool you down. As long as the pack is kept insulated, there is no reason why putting an ice pack on your forehead or the back of your neck won’t cool you down.

Don’t Forget HeadGear & Mind What You Wear

Wearing a lightweight brimmed hat is great to help keep the sun off your face. Hats with flaps on the sides and back also can help you keep the sun off your neck and ears, and cool you down in the process. Wear light colors and light, breathable fabrics.  Try flowing cottons and linens.

Fans and Fan Ideas

Use battery-operated fans. Place a bowl of ice in front of it for even cooler air.

And don’t forget that at Small Country – there are cool drinks available at the shop. Keep cool and keep safe this summer!!!