One of our campers favorite ways to play is spending some time on our mini-golf course!

This week we unpacked some of the unexpected benefits of a game of mini-golf on the body, mind and on relationships!


If you are looking for a fantastic family friendly activity that everyone will enjoy, check out an afternoon of mini golf. Enjoy mini golf in the context of our Small Country Campground experience — surrounded by the Virginia Hardwood Trees that made us famous.

We opened our 18-hole championship-level course in 2014. It allows play by all disability levels as well. The course was designed by the owner and Bob Horwath, a professional mini golf course designer. Holes range from very easy to very challenging.

Check out some of the best benefits of mini-golf – and some of our favorite action shots on our course!


Miniature golf offers cardiovascular exercise  - you can burn around 300 calories during a game of mini golf.  Adults, seniors and especially children may not need to burn calories for weight loss - but everyone benefits from burning off energy to better enjoy times of quiet. Walking off the energy, swinging the club, chasing a ball and chasing friends around the course delivers all of that. Swinging works large muscle groups while bending and squatting works legs. 

Math Skills

Miniature golf makes use of math at each hole, to calculate your score. Even simple math is a workout for the mind to keep it sharp and growing in the summer season!


Another benefit to the brain - mini golf requires you exercise your memory. At every green you have to remember how many strokes you took to reach the hole!

Hand-Eye Coordination

Hand-eye coordination is a skill that is improved when playing miniature golf. Whether your are developing your fine motor skills, or ensuring they remain sharp, as you play you work on precision control of the actions that direct your ball towards its destination. This translates into better reading and thinking.

Strategic Thinking

Logic is required to adjust the swing for the target. This requires decision making tools.  The planning of the shot will engage the brain in thoughts about speed, tempo, direction and line.


Miniature golf requires patience. Each player should be afforded the time to complete their turn so each player needs to wait patiently for their competitors to play. This is a major character trait and improve each person's ability to work cooperatively with others. 

Relationship Moments

Everyone remembers those moments when as a child you observe a skill of your dad's and try to emulate it! Many kids admire and want to be like their parents! Playing mini-golf as a family is a great way to show off your skills and educate your children.

Outdoor Health

Enjoying mini-golf outdoors leads to an increased confidence, improved creativity and self-esteem. Natural settings rejuvenate and calm the mind and improve outlook. This may also improve your mood, as well as reduce stress, anxiety and depression.


Most of all - mini-golf is engaging and fun - while not requiring the time and financial investment that you and your children might not have for a full game of golf on a golf course. If you're looking for a way to entertain the family and engage both minds and bodies and deliver a memorable experience - mini golf is your answer! 

Our mini golf course has hosted team building activities for local business groups, membership and political organizations. Let us know if your group is interested in a visit!