Fall is a great time for camping, and we have a fantastic list of fall family camping activities that the whole family will enjoy on your next trip.


  1. Nature tic tac toe – This one is easy and great for kids and adults of all ages. The game remains the same, 3 in a row to win. But what makes this extra fun is that each player must find their own pieces around the campground. Rocks, pinecones, acorns, or some yellow leaves all work great as game pieces.
  2. Find the tree leaf hunt – Speaking of leaves, it is a great time of year to start pointing out which leaves belong to which trees. Make it a scavenger hunt and include a small prize. This game is fun for the whole family and teaches kids about nature.
  3. Study the stars and constellations – The five easiest constellations to spot are The Big Dipper, The Little Dipper, Orion, Taurus and, Gemini, learn how to spot them here – http://blog.eurekatent.com/5-constellations-everyone-can-find/
  4. Build a colorful fire together with just a few ingredients and a little pre-planning you can have an amazing display of color in your fall campfire! (http://www.smallcountry.com/taking-your-campfire-to-the-next-level/)
  5. A classic– I spy. There are so many different things around the campground and campsites, this game is sure to entertain the whole family for hours.
  6. For a twist on an old standby, try playing the alphabet game as you relax by the tent or hike along a trail. The idea is to find a natural object that starts with each letter of the alphabet and make it through the whole thing!
  7. Write campfire songs, create your own instruments. Use old hollow logs as drums, whistle, and get out some spoons! Anything works, just get creative! Write new songs or re make your favorites.


We hope you enjoy camping in the fall as much as we do and that these fall family camping activities come in handy this season!