“Pets are welcome” at Small Country Campground and many other campgrounds throughout the United States and Canada. It’s a welcome sign for pet owners. But welcome does not mean that pets are allowed to do anything and everything. A few rules and tips are in order while camping.

1. A campground is community property so all the rules that apply in your town or county apply in the campground.
2. Dogs must be on leashes or tethers at all times. You dog may be well behaved, but someone else’s pet might not be. And keep the leash short if your dog is temperamental or fast afoot. Kids love to pet, so don’t let your pet bite or scratch.
3. When making a reservation, always ask whether the campground is pet friendly and offer information about the breed of your pet and whether it has a vaccination. There are no bad breeds but there are bad or careless owners, so some dogs can misbehave just like some children do.
4. Offer your vaccination papers upon check-in. Offer a copy of your RV insurance too. That should have at least $10,000 in personal liability coverage to cover you and your pet should an accident happen.
5. Clean up after your pet each and every time it poops. There is no excuse for anyone to step in a pile! Small Country sells pet poop bags and they are available at every supermarket and hardware store.
6. Barking is strictly prohibited at Small Country and most other campgrounds. Barking disturbs your neighbors and often the entire campground. If your dog is a barker, bring a shock collar or put the pet inside.
7. Many campgrounds – including ours – do not allow pets in cabins or other rental units. We charge a $200 fine if guests bring pets into the units, or smokes in the units. Pet odors and tobacco destroy the pleasure of camping for folks who do not have either pets or nicotine habits. And pets can introduce fleas, mites and ticks to the units. Also, dander on some pets is an allergen to many folks. So always ask before you book a camping rental unit.
8. Follow the same rules with cats, monkeys, snakes, birds, or other pets.
We hope these guidelines help you out when bringing your fur babies out to camp with you!