Protecting your food while camping


One of the best parts of any camping trip is the fire cooked or grilled food, snacks, and cold drinks enjoyed with family and friends. Thanks to all of the hazards that could affect your food, and therefore your fun,  we have compiled a list of tips to help any and all campers keep their camping food safe from the outside elements, and safe to eat!


  1. Freeze water jugs or bottles to place in the bottom of your cooler. This way you have ice, water, and little to no mess.
  2. Make sure your cooler is air tight so smells don’t get out, alerting bugs and animals to your goodies.
  3. Keep meats, fruits, and vegetables in their own separate containers to avoid cross contamination.
  4. Keep nonperishables in their own separate air tight container so smells don’t get out, alerting bugs and animals to your goodies.picnic-coolers-1571315-1599x1429
  5. Bring 2 thermometers, one for the internal temp of your cooler (41 degrees Fahrenheit is the optimal temp to keep perishables fresh) and one for meat if your cooking chicken or pork.
  6. Cook only what you know you and your group will eat. This way you have less food out at one time, and less waste.
  7. Speaking of waste, make sure to dispose of all of your waste in a designated area away from your camping site.
  8. If you are in an area where large animals are a threat, keep your food away from your sleeping area during the night, like up in a tree or locked in a vehicle.

We hope you find these tips helpful during your camping adventures! If you have any other tips that have worked well for you, share them with us on Facebook and we will feature them!