campingEveryone loves camping with their family… well unless you’re a teenager. Just taking a quick trip to the country on any given weekend to enjoy a little of what nature has to offer can do wonders for the mind and can really be an excellent time. But there are plenty of reasons to enjoy camping with your family well beyond just having a great time.

We have all heard the expression “quality time.” But what does that expression really mean? We all know it’s important to share with those important to you, because it perpetuates and encourages healthy relationships. You have the opportunity to learn more about each other on different levels and in different respects. And as much as you already may know each other- or think you know each other- you grow to understand each other as people even more.

Sustaining quality time is incredibly important for keeping a family healthy and happy. The cohesion reinforced with increased quality time and the subsequent emotional bonding. With this emotional bonding comes adaptability, allowing a family unit to better roll with the punches, so to speak. And when your family can better adapt to change (a big move, change in financial status, death in the family, etc) they are less likely to abandon the concepts of togetherness and ‘doing it together.’

Camping is almost beyond the ideal situation to encourage quality time. Camping encourages situations for problem solving, such as starting a fire or camping. And solving problems with others cannot be accomplished without communication. This is especially important if you have kids in your family. Why? Because children with better communication skills tend make for better students and successful adults.

There are plenty of advantages to camping with your children and all the quality time you get to share. Statistics also show children who spend more time with their family are less likely to abuse drugs or alcohol. Aside from all these benefits to family and life quality, the great outdoors are simply second to none!