Halloween at Small Country

Spooks, Goblins, Witches and a Haunted Hay Ride

At Small Country Oct. 20

LOUISA, VA – Halloween at Small Country Campground is one of scariest and most fun events of the year…and it is open to the public for a nominal fee.  Halloween starts at Small Country in the morning of Saturday, October 20, with the opening of the bouncing pillow, the mini golf course, and a fire truck ride at Noon.  Games and crafts start at 1 pm.  Then costume judging at 3 pm, followed by Trick-or-Treat around the entire campground (bring a large bag).  Hayrides through the Haunted Woods begin for the young kids at 6:30 pm and run until at least 9 pm, weather permitting.  Campsites will be judged in the evening.

At 8 pm the party begins with music from Halloweens of the Past and everyone dance, costume or not.  Outside guests are welcome at $15 for folks ages 10 and up; under 10 are free.  And you can spend the entire day playing golf or hanging out.


10 AM              Bouncing Pillow and Mini Golf Course open

Noon                 Fire Truck Rides

1 PM                Games and Crafts

2 PM                Face Painting

3 PM                Costume Judging

4 PM                Trick-or-Treating around the campground (bring a big sack)

6:30 PM            Hayride through the Haunted Woods for little tykes

7-9 PM              Hayrides through the Haunted Woods

8-10 PM            Costume Party and Dance

Cue & Cruz

Barbeque, Cars, Music, and Vendors at Cue & Cruz Festival Oct. 6

LOUISA, VA – A Fall Festival featuring some of the nation’s top barbeque chefs, antique cars and trucks, food vendors, and music all day will begin at 10 am at Small Country Campground in Louisa.  A state-level competition sponsored by the Kansas City Barbeque Society will determine who is the top pig and chicken cookers to go to this year’s national Jack Daniels BBQ contest in Memphis, Tennessee.

            For a donation of only $10, you can enjoy the smells and aromas as well as the music and fun at the 2018 Que & Cruz Fall Festival.  And for another $5 you can become one of the judges in the People’s Choice pig pickin’ contest, savoring the flavor of the best BBQ in the nation.  Plus there will be plenty of pulled pork, hamburgers, chicken and more available on the grounds.

            Antique cars and trucks will be on display.  Vendors will be selling jewelry and clothing, candles and wood carvings, and a variety of homemade art and items.

            Five Virginia bands have volunteered to play on the new stage at Liberty Park from Noon ‘til 6 pm including Campbell Road, Anderson Highway, Queens Over Kings, RivrTowne, and Wylde Katz.  Sound will be coordinated by Your Sound Choice.

            All donations and money raised will go to the University of Virginia’s children pediatric kidney research program in honor of Lindsay Hall, a two-year-old born with only one partially-functioning kidney, who will be staring at the Festival.  No money goes to Lindsay or her parents.  Lindsay is the Great Granddaughter of the campground owner Bill Small.

            Vendors are still welcome at a cost of $50 for a 10 x 10 foot booth.  Sponsors are also welcome.

Camping Hack: Foil Wrapped Recipes


Meals that are easily prepared and cleaned up are the best way to go when camping. It alleviates a lot of stress from your trip. Planning what you’re going to have ahead of time can save you from a headache or unhappy campers. We put together some simple recipes that can all be made on a grill wrapped in foil for simplicity.  

  • Loaded Campfire Fries

All you have to do is toss frozen French fries with a little bit of melted butter and then make foil boats to put them in. After you do that place the boats on indirect heat and cover for 20-30 minutes, stirring once. Top the boats with your favorite toppings (cheese, chives, bacon, etc) and cook for about 2 more minutes. Viola, you have loaded campfire fries.  

  • Shrimp Boil in Foil   

This one is definitely my favorite. Tear off 4 large pieces of heavy duty aluminum foil around 12 inches for each and place 2 of them on each baking sheet. Spray the foil with non-stick cooking spray. Add your chopped potatoes, corn, sausage, and shrimp evenly among the 4 pieces of foil. Keep everything in a single layer in the middle of the foil. Drizzle some olive oil over it all and then add salt, pepper & Old Bay seasoning. Place the folded-up foil on indirect heat and cover for 20-30 minutes. 

  • Veggie Bowls

Who doesn’t love grilled veggies?! Chop up your favorites throw them in a bowl and add your favorite seasoning & a little bit of oil. Wrap them up in individual foil boats & place over indirect heat on the grill and cover for 20-30 minutes depending on the vegetable (ex. Carrots take longer than zucchini). Check on them until they are at your desired softness and enjoy! 

  • Campfire Cones

This DIY dessert is sure to be a crowd pleaser because everyone can build their own. Chop up your favorite fruits (strawberries, bananas, peaches), grab some mini marshmallows, chocolate chips, and waffle cones and you’ll be set! Have everyone fill their cone with their desired ingredients. Then wrap the entire cone in foil and grill them for 5-7 minutes (rotating a few times). You’re ready to enjoy this delicious treat.  


Fun, Fun, Fun — 2018 Events at Small Country Campground

The Small Country Staff is ready!!

2018 has a wide variety of fun events for the whole family.

As the weather warms up,  the camping season starts and our staff is dedicated to helping our campers and guests get the most out of their experience at Small Country Campground.   Whether you camp every weekend, or once a year, by yourself or with a posse of family and friends, Small Country believes that camping brings a richness and fullness to life.  Camping brings you closer to nature and closer to each other.

We want to officially invite you to stay and play with us.  RV’s, tents, cabin rentals – we have it all.

In addition to the Mini Golf Course, the pool, the hiking trails, the playgrounds, weekend fire truck rides, and the boating, fishing, and lake toys on our own Lake Ruth, our calendar is full of events so that each month we can give our guests the option to socialize with other campers and fun-loving friends from the surrounding community.

Events (March  to July)

Our first event is in less than two weeks:


And that’s just through the middle of July.  Are you getting excited?

Find out more about each event on Our Events page or by following the link to our Facebook Event post.

Can’t wait to join us?

Make your reservations now.

Investigate Ways to Stay and  Call us at 541-967-2431 to get the perfect spot for your needs.


We can’t wait to see you soon.




Giant Yard Sale – Info for All

Info for Vendors

Get Your Vendor Form Here

The Giant Yard Sale is getting a great response on Facebook. If you haven’t already turned in your Vendor Form, you can get one here. We are already preparing space for this to be an outstanding experience for Vendors, Yard Salers, and Shoppers.

Our area is clean with plenty of parking. We are a campground, so none of the spaces will be completely enclosed, but some spaces are under cover. If you need one of these spaces, please let us know on the Vendor form. Many spaces do have access to electrical outlets, please tell us if you must have electricity.

A couple of weeks before the Yard Sale, we will contact our vendors with a map of the area and what space they will be in. Along with that email will be details for set up and break down.

If you have any questions, direct them to Brady O’Donnell at camp@smallcountry.com

Info for Yard Sale Participants

Yard Sale Spaces Available for $10. (Yard Sale Tables are free for campers.)
Once again, this year the opportunity to come to Small Country to find great items. Clean out your closets and drawers, your garages and sheds, sign up to be a yard saler. Or find slightly used treasure that is just what you need.
Are you new to Yard Sales? Really? Nervous about putting your stuff out? Don’t be. To get ready, here are some tips.

  1. Go through all your stuff room by room – make three piles: Yard Sale, Keep, Donate
  2. Price your Yard Sale Pile right away – Don’t wait, price it as you pack it in a box or tub until Yard Sale Day
  3. On Yard Sale Day, display things so they are easy to see. Use tables, Clothing racks, boxes to organize and display.
  4. Spread the word – Share this post and the other posts and events about this yard sale. The more visitors who come to the Yard Sale, the more opportunities for you. 

Come and Join the Fun

Small Country Campground
Giant Yard Sale and Flea Market
Open to the public
9AM until 2PM
April 21, 2018
Rain or Shine.

3 Methods for Campfire Cooking & Favorite Recipe for Each!

Camping is for enjoying nature – but enjoying nature includes enjoying great food!

Campfires have been used for cooking since the beginning of time. There are a number of creative techniques in most cultures to prepare food outdoors which have been carried and refined through time for recreational use! We’re exploring a few of our favorite methods for cooking over a campfire – and a recipe for each!

Before we begin – we must build a good fire for cooking – build your fire early to give it a chance to build a nice bed of coals.

Roasting on a Stick

The most traditional way of cooking, perhaps the oldest form of cooking known to humanity involves direct heat – roasting food on long skewers that can be held above the flames. This might bring up an image of a hot dog or a marshmallow for s’mores – which are awesome, but skewers can deliver so much more! Non wood stick products are available, including metal.

Favorite Recipe: Garlic & Black Pepper Shrimp Skewers

Salt, pepper, garlic, acid, and a bit of heat are all you need to punch up this easy shrimp skewer recipe.

Chef’s tip – use two skewers through your shrimp, which prevents them from twisting and turning when you rotate them on the grill, and ensures even cooking.

Find the recipe here courtesy of Bon Appetit

Baking in Tin Foil

With a sturdy tinfoil, the options of packets that can be prepared are endless. A packet can contain a single item — seasoned corn on the cob, seasoned sweet onion, or a salmon fillet in a lemon marinade. But the best part of tin foil packets are the flavors of various items that cook together for similar cook times – a full meal in a packet. You can even prepare wrapped burritos with all of the fixings for a quick easy camping meal.

Favorite Recipe: Summer Vegetable & Sausage Tin Foil Packet

This recipe makes use of all your fresh summer vegetables – zucchini, tomatoes, green peppers – and you can add your favorites! All marinated together with great seasonings and your favorite sausage.

Find the recipe here courtesy of Taste of Home

Fireside Pie Iron for Sandwiches

A Small Country favorite is making use of the heavy square cast iron pie irons with long handles and stay cool wooden handles. You can put one of these devices into the coals to cook toasted sandwiches, hot dogs, even breads and desserts.

Favorite Recipe: Breakfast Hobo Pie

This recipe for scrambled egg, cheese and sausage on toast, made in a pie iron over fire and followed by toasting on coals adds a number of top tips for how to avoid burning.

Find the recipe here courtesy of Pocket Change Gourmet

We hope you enjoyed our top three methods for camp fire cooking – and will enjoy their use through the summer! Keep your eyes open in July for upcoming campfire cooking recipe contest where we will be asking all of our facebook fans to share their best campfire recipe – winners will be included in a Small Country Campground Cookbook!

Three Types of Camping Trips & How to Plan Yours

We’re all tired of being cooped up for the winter. If you’re anything like our family, you turn towards planning summer experiences when you’ve had enough! As you plan your quality time to enjoy the outdoors this season — here’s what you need to know to plan your best camping this year!

Avid outdoor enthusiasts are more than ready to hit the road and check out new & favorite camping destinations during peak camping season.  The benefits of camping in our region are plentiful! We feature a variety of terrain, cultures and scenery all available within a relatively short distance of each other.

Peak season is different for each region you visit. The north east has a short camping season, and as you move south down the coast, campsites fill up rapidly as winter approaches since the weather stays warm year round.

The east coast is covered in great campgrounds like Small Country, and all will offer their own special reasons to stay. We like to treat all of our campers like family, and welcome everyone year round. We host multiple family friendly events throughout the seasons! Check out our upcoming events HERE.

The below are the most important things to remember when planning your perfect trip.

The Experience Driven Trip

You might be the type of family that comes to Small Country to bring our your cooler, beach chairs and lake toys and enjoy getting sun all day at the beach of Lake Ruth Ann. In Virginia, our lake is swim ready late April or early May and remains lovely for getting out on a boat through fall.

The experience driven trip is set around your favorite way to play — check out our great ways to play and reserve your time!

The Event Driven Trip

Another type of family plans each year to visit Small Country on holiday weekends like Labor Day weekend. The family – two siblings each with spouse and three kids, and two grandparents, all book their stays months in advance and the festivities each year. The campground serve as a background for something of a family reunion! Not to mention the kids are instant friends with our regular weekenders and other Labor Day families.

The event driven trip can be based on one of our awesome events each year, or another event nearby – like a nearby performance, an anniversary or a birthday!

The Natural Phenomenon Driven Trip

Our family has been thinking through summer travel plans the moment we discovered an upcoming total solar eclipse on August 21st – and we decided what a better way to experience its full potential than planning a camping trip around it!  

The natural phenomenon driven trip can be set around a place like a visit to one of our nearby natural wonders, or a specific time like the eclipse, or just to enjoy the night sky and do some planet watching! Just a heads up, eclipse weekend is filling up fast… so plan your stay today!

How to Plan Your Perfect Trip

No matter which type of trip is driving you as set your plans, here are a few steps you need to consider:

Decide Your Way to Stay

There are lots of ways to enjoy Small Country to accommodate any number of group size and experience desires – from a tent site, to spaces for your RV’s, to RV’s for rent. We have for rent cabins, park models with various numbers of bedrooms, and of course our historic three bedroom Manor House! Decide the number in your party and how you want to stay and check availability!  

Decide Your Date Options

Whether it’s an experience, event or natural phenomenon driven trip, your dates will begin to form and you will begin to narrow down your ideal trip options.

Lock In Your Reservation in Advance!!!

Make your reservations as far in advance as possible. It was after we started researching options for the eclipse weekend we realized how quickly sites are reserved in advance!

We look forward to seeing you at Small Country Campground soon, whether for a carefully planned trip, or just for a quick getaway! Feel free to check out our site for more information on ways to stay, ways to play, our upcoming events, what’s near us and availability, and don’t hesitate to give us a ring on any questions!!!


Benefits of Camping: Health, Wellness & Relationship

Enjoying the outdoors may have more long term benefits to your health and well being than you realize!With the fantastic weather we have been experiencing this February, our campers need no additional motivation to get outside and enjoy the outdoors already this year. What you might not realize is camping can help you live a longer, healthier life. 

Health benefits are not usually the motives that guide our families to pack up for the weekend and escape to Small Country Campgrounds. The reasons we hear most frequently are the desire to escape, get away, spend time with family and rest.

Whatever your reason, your experience may  be all the more rich knowing these additional benefits your health when you come visit us.


A Breath of Fresh Oxygen

When you spend time among trees, you take in more oxygen. The first breath of fresh air when you arrive at a campground is more than you might know — the rush of oxygen releases serotonin from the extra oxygen resulting in happiness. This supports the reduction of stress.

Body and Mind Happy

The oxygen and lack of pollutants can add up after a few days outside – and over time you can see benefits in improved blood pressure, digestion and a boosted immune system. Further, the happiness benefits last days into your return. The sunlight can even out melatonin levels — the chemicals that make you feel tired, depressed. Not to mention that sunlight creates Vitamin D an important component for  your body to absorb calcium and phosphorous.

Connection to Nature

Not just being in an enjoyable environment, but developing an appreciation for nature and respect for the world around us. A dose of fresh air is exactly what is needed to reset our bodies and prepare us for what’s next. The physically and intellectually stimulating activity have a great effect on brain health.

Escape from Technology

With devices every where you turn, meaningful relationships, quality sleep and stress levels suffer. Leaving the devices behind creates a space for reflection, for your spirit to refresh and for quality time.


When you spend time outside, you are also being active! Swimming, hiking, building a fire, or even grilling – all the activity adds up! And we definitely agree that when you take play as seriously as we do — you are always moving! Even fishing is an activity that requires more movement than sitting at an office.


It’s hard to find a moment of quiet in the daily grind. Getting away in nature can offer you some much needed rest, reflection and time for some peace and quiet. A campsite offers a special kind of quiet — under the stars, beside our lake, and listening to your crackling fire and our birds and cricket friends. The meditation may improve serious medical conditions like depression, fatigue, or even allergies –  by increasing self awareness and stress-reduction,  camping can improve your overall health.

Quality Time with Friends and Family

Bonding around a campfire is a safe, family friendly experience that cannot be duplicated. Quality conversation can be rekindled while you are nurturing that campfire. Quality time with friends and family can extend your lifespan and delay memory problems.

We hope you are having a fantastic end of the winter season and as excited as we are for the camping season to ramp up! Take a look at the upcoming events and the many way to play! We look forward to seeing you at Small Country Campground soon!

Camping With Pets – Campground Pet-iquette



“Pets are welcome” at Small Country Campground and many other campgrounds throughout the United States and Canada. It’s a welcome sign for pet owners. But welcome does not mean that pets are allowed to do anything and everything. A few rules and tips are in order while camping.

1. A campground is community property so all the rules that apply in your town or county apply in the campground.
2. Dogs must be on leashes or tethers at all times. You dog may be well behaved, but someone else’s pet might not be. And keep the leash short if your dog is temperamental or fast afoot. Kids love to pet, so don’t let your pet bite or scratch.
3. When making a reservation, always ask whether the campground is pet friendly and offer information about the breed of your pet and whether it has a vaccination. There are no bad breeds but there are bad or careless owners, so some dogs can misbehave just like some children do.
4. Offer your vaccination papers upon check-in. Offer a copy of your RV insurance too. That should have at least $10,000 in personal liability coverage to cover you and your pet should an accident happen.
5. Clean up after your pet each and every time it poops. There is no excuse for anyone to step in a pile! Small Country sells pet poop bags and they are available at every supermarket and hardware store.
6. Barking is strictly prohibited at Small Country and most other campgrounds. Barking disturbs your neighbors and often the entire campground. If your dog is a barker, bring a shock collar or put the pet inside.
7. Many campgrounds – including ours – do not allow pets in cabins or other rental units. We charge a $200 fine if guests bring pets into the units, or smokes in the units. Pet odors and tobacco destroy the pleasure of camping for folks who do not have either pets or nicotine habits. And pets can introduce fleas, mites and ticks to the units. Also, dander on some pets is an allergen to many folks. So always ask before you book a camping rental unit.
8. Follow the same rules with cats, monkeys, snakes, birds, or other pets.
We hope these guidelines help you out when bringing your fur babies out to camp with you!

Mosquito season is here.




Mosquito season is here – How to keep them away!


Mosquito season is here and there are several things YOU can do to help control these pesky and dangerous bugs while camping (or at home).

  1. If you have a boat, chances are it collects water…just where mosquitoes breed. Flip the boat and leave it in a position it will not collect water.
  2. If you have a bird bath or pet bowls on your lot, please dump them every time you leave and turn them upside down to prevent collection of water.
  3. If you have any other product or receptacle on your lot that might collect water, please get rid of it or turn it over.
  4. Burn Sage or Rosemary in your outdoor fires, those little buggers hate it and will stay away!
  5. If you are at home, plant fever few, citronella, catnip and lavender, they are four of the most effective plants for keeping away mosquitoes. Bring some with you when you camp!
    Fever few


It’s not just the bite but what mosquitoes carry that is the danger. Several varieties of Encephalitis are carried by mosquitoes. Older diseases have been Malaria, Dengue, Yellow Fever and a variety of encephalitis including West Nile (WN), Eastern Equine (EEE), Western Equine (WEE), Saint Louis (SLE), and LaCrosse (LAC) viruses. More recently in the news is the new Zika virus which causes micro-encephalitis in new-born babies. For pet lovers there is Dog Heart worm which infects all breeds of dogs and cats.

So be alert to standing water in flower pots, old tires, boats and bird baths. Dump them out. And if you see standing water in your yard or your campsite, take actions to drain it or fill it. We don’t want anyone catching any of these diseases.

Oh, yes, did we mention Chikangunya? Yet another virus carried by the mosquito species Asian Tiger Mosquito (Aedes albopictus) and the Yellow Fever Mosquito (Aedes aegypti). Genetically, it appears that viral strain currently spreading throughout the Americas is more easily transmitted by Ae. aegypti. Both species lay their eggs in containers such as cans, discarded tires and other items that hold water close to human habitation, but Ae. aegypti is more geographically confined to the southeastern United States. Traditional mosquito methods of truck-mounted and aerial sprays are ineffective in controlling these mosquitoes. Removal of water-bearing containers and sanitation are key preventive strategies. The name “Chikungunya” is attributed to the Kimakonde (a Mozambique dialect) word meaning “that which bends up”, which describes the primary symptom – excruciating joint pain. Although rarely fatal, the symptoms are debilitating and may persist for several weeks. There is no vaccine and primary treatment is limited to pain medication.


We hope you find this information useful!